Celestial Place: My Submission for the 6th Stellar Build Challenge

The results for the 6th Stellar Build Challenge have been announced, and my project has earned an honorable mention!

A quick summary for those who don’t know what the Stellar Build Challenge is: the SBC is a development competition held every couple of months. Developers build or improve projects related to Stellar over the timespan of about a month. Submissions can include libraries, applications, and tokens on the Stellar network.

Introducing Celestial Place

Screenshot of Celestial Place
Screenshot of Celestial Place

My submission is entitled Celestial Place. It is like /r/place—Reddit’s 2017 April Fools special where participants collaboratively color squares on a canvas—but powered by the Stellar network.

Participants can color tiles by sending lumens, the Stellar network’s native currency, to the application’s address. Because the transaction fees are extremely low, participants can send many microtransactions to the application without worrying about overspending.

For each transaction, participants must set the memo text field to the desired color of the square and the square’s coordinates. So if you wanted to put the color #c0ffee on the square located at row 20, column 18, you would set the transaction’s memo text to 20,18,c0ffee. Because the application is listening to the incoming transactions to the address, it can process them and update the squares in real-time.

My application hasn’t seen a lot of traffic since I released it. However, I’m thinking of redeploying it onto the test network so that people can try Celestial Place using play money.

I’d like to thank the Stellar Development Foundation for hosting the SBC. Stellar is the one of the most developer-friendly cryptocurrencies I’ve seen, and I’m really glad that the foundation promotes the ecosystem with these development competitions. I’m looking forward to participating in the 7th Stellar Build Challenge later this year.

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