My Cryptocurrency Portfolio for April 2018

I’m not gonna lie, the last two months were brutal. However, I expanded my holdings and dollar-cost averaged my way down with the market. Right now, I am mostly content with the coins I’m holding, and I believe that all of them have a great chance of recovering their prices. After all, simply hodling won’t cut it in this bear market—I had to make sure that what I put my money in is fundamentally solid.

The proportions are based on fiat value as of April 6.

My crypto portfolio, April 2018
My crypto portfolio, April 2018


  • Ark (ARK): 28.7%
  • Ethereum (ETH): 17.3%
  • Cardano (ADA): 13.9%
  • Nano (NANO): 11.3%
  • NEO (NEO): 11.1%
  • OmiseGo (OMG): 10.3%
  • Stellar (XLM): 7.4%

I’ve made a couple of changes in my cryptocurrency portfolio since two months ago. Aside from perhaps not having enough Ethereum, I’m pretty satisfied with my portfolio’s proportions.

Without further ado, here are the four biggest changes I’ve made to portfolio.

Added NEO and OmiseGo to my portfolio

In my February 2018 portfolio article, I mentioned that I was considering buying new cryptocurrencies. NEO and OmiseGo were among them, and I ended up buying them. I bought NEO because of the GAS returns. And I bought OmiseGo because it’s a solid project in an area that I think cryptocurrencies can really benefit—payments. I have high hopes for these two new additions.

Increased my stakes in Ark and Cardano

In the two months since February, the price for Ark kept on dropping. However, my opinion on Ark hasn’t changed. The development team keeps on pushing out new updates, and the release of Ark Core v2 is on the horizon. Additionally, the Ark community has been one of the best communities in the crypto space. They are focused on the tech and applications of Ark, and not hype or speculation.

Finally, staking Ark can net a 6-10% annual return depending on how much you stake and which delegate you vote for. This return rate beats out NEO and pretty much any other delegated proof-of-stake coins. So I decided to snap up some more Ark at around the $2 and $3 mark.

The same logic applies to Cardano. IOHK, the company contracted to build out the platform, has been making great progress and are testing Ouroboros staking soon for the Shelley update, which I’m particularly excited about. The price drop has been a great time to load up on more tokens for a great project at a cheaper price point.

Dropped Mobius

Two months ago, I was excited about Mobius. However, that excitement has since mellowed. The price dropped 20% a few days after the public sale and hasn’t recovered much since. However, there were spikes in the price when the WaltonChain partnership was announced. In retrospect, this wasn’t the best look for Mobius; the partnership was announced a month before WaltonChain’s Twitter giveaway fail and subsequent fiascos. These days, there hasn’t been much positive news to bring Mobius back into the spotlight.

I was fortunate to sell my Mobius at an abnormally high price recently. I had an alert deployed onto AWS Lambda that tracked the MOBI/XLM price ratio. Had I not set it up, I would’ve missed the opportunity.

Stellar crashed HARD

Stellar has crashed really hard recently, dropping almost 50% in price since my last portfolio update. However, I haven’t bothered buying up more Lumens. My previous compliments about Stellar still stand, however there are other exciting cryptocurrencies. I have been focused on projects like Ark and OmiseGo and have been putting my money into those instead. Perhaps I will snatch up some more Lumens when the news around FairX begins to ramp up.

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