I'm Verified on BAT!

As of this month, I am a verified publisher on Brave! That means that if you visit my blog with the Brave Browser, you can support my blog with the Basic Attention Token cryptocurrency.

For a quick FAQ on what the Basic Attention Token is, read this Reddit post! Right now, BAT only works with the Brave browser—I highly recommend trying it out! Brave automatically blocks ads from loading, saving your bandwidth and preserving your privacy. Instead of creators and publishers relying on ad revenue for income, they can earn BAT from supporters like you.

Brave is currently running a referral program for verified publishers like me. You can support me when you download Brave browser through my referral link and “minimally” use it for the next 30 days. I’m personally thinking of switching my main browser from Firefox to Brave, especially once my favorite Firefox plugins are ported over.