What I'm Thinking

The very first step towards breaking into the tech industry and get an internship (or a fellowship or research position) is to write up a resume. However, not just any resume would do. A great resume is easy to read and effectively communicates your qualifications to the reader. Looking back at my freshman year resume, I realized that it did a fairly poor job at that.

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Why I Studied Abroad
13 January 2017

Lunds Domkyrka
The cathedral in Lund

About a year ago, I flew off to Sweden for a study abroad semester at Lund University. And a year later, I think that studying abroad was the best choice I’ve ever made, and it has ignited my passion for travelling and experiencing other cultures. But when I was researching study abroad programs in the fall of 2015, I also needed to convince my parents, who help pay for my education, that studying abroad is a good idea.

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Hello World!
10 January 2017

I have decided to revamp my website and start a blog. You can still view my experience in the “About Me” section, however I want also to focus on writing and developing a blog, which is a part of my New Year’s resolution. So in this blog, I will be writing about anything that interests me, not just tech-related stuff.

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