What I'm Thinking

2016 was a breakthrough year for the competitive Super Smash Bros 4 scene. The community coalesced around a universal ruleset and the metagame began to stabilize, especially since the last balance patch was released in May 2016.

There has been some debate on how well players performed relative to each other in that hectic period. The most widely-accepted rankings published by Panda Global takes into account a player’s tournament placements and set wins and losses. (Their full methodology can be found here.)

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The Hills in the Castro District

This summer, I lived in San Francisco, and it was an amazing experience. It was certainly different from living in the Midwest for most of my life and in New York City last summer. Here are some of the observations as a first-time San Francisco resident.

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A screenful of HTML

Whether you’re a computer science student searching for the first internship or someone looking to break into the tech industry, having a personal website is a great way to get your name out to companies and recruiters. However, a personal website is much more than a résumé; it represents your very own corner of the Internet that visitors can interact with. Good personal websites look polished and effectively convey key information about yourself and your accomplishments.

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In front of the reception at Stripe's office
Capping off a great summer at Stripe and in San Francisco.

My summer in San Francisco has come to an end. It was a blast being the Bay Area and I hope to come back one day! I’ve been pretty busy wrapping up my internship, but I still had the time to do some exploration. Here are some of the pictures that I’ve taken in the past month.

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The skyline viewed from Rincon Hill
The sun shining in between building, as viewed from Rincon Hill.

With this post, about two-thirds of my summer in San Francisco has passed! I can’t believe that so much of the summer has already gone by. So without further ado, here are the pictures I’ve taken in the second month of my stay in the City by the Bay.

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